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Castings of gray iron

Casting and Mechanical Plant specializes in the production of cast iron

of cast: Сч 15, Сч 20, Сч 21 ,Сч 25, Сч 28, ЖЧХ, ЧХ-1, ЧХ-3, ЧХ-5, ЧС-5, ЖЧС-5, АЧС-1, АЧС-3, АЧС-5, ЧН2Х, ЧН4Х2 и др.:
1. Products for equipment inspection manholes telephone conduit: cast iron manholes for sewer manholes telephone (GTS), GOST 8591-76, iron console PCC-1, 2,3,4, GOST 8850-90; console bolts.
2. Products for the equipment manholes Water supply, sewerage and heating systems: cast iron manholes for different types of manholes (sewer, water for fire hydrants, for gas networks) with a hinge and lock (anti-vandal), GOST 3634-99; gullies cast iron round and rectangular, with the joints (vandal)
3. Machining of parts ("rough") diameters up to 1400 mm (turning, milling and boring machines)
4. Luke polymer-sand type A, TU
5. Funnel rainwater drain for flat roofs
6. Castings of gray iron weighing up to 2 tons in raw form peschanoglinistye in terms of individual and mass production.
7. cast iron weights
8. Cast iron parts and assemblies: gearbox housing, bearing housing, bearing cover, insert, insert, wheel, frame, frame, bracket, pulley, block, hub, coupling, current collector shoe collector, lapping, stand, slide, slide, carriage, flywheel tube, piston flange etc.
9. Cast iron molds (various sizes), mold, crucibles (in stock)
10. Cast iron blanks: circles, bushings, rings, squares, plates, grills, etc.


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